Equitable Digital Access

What is Equitable Digital Access?

VIDEO: Equitable Digital Access

Digital Access Equity is the idea to provide ALL students with access to technology.  Technology has not only changed the world, but the classroom as well.  Teachers have access to unlimited sources and tools for instruction.  Technology has become essential.  Students are now accustomed to social media and the internet for information.  This dependency requires teachers to adapt as well.

The issue is access.  Not every student is fortunate enough to carry around devices or have access to the internet at home.  This makes it vital for educators to provide equitable access.  This page gives teachers information and ideas for obtaining digital access for ALL students.

How Your District Can Improve Digital Access

Promoting Digital Access

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What Can Help Teachers?

VIDEO: Setting up Your Digital Classroom

5 Ways to Make Technology More Accessible

4 Ways to Improve Digital Equity in Your Classroom









Impact of Equitable Digital Access

VIDEO: Impact of Providing Equitable Digital Access



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